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Real People. Real Support.

We specialize in patient support for order and delivery of diabetes equipment and supplies. 


We know that people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes want to manage their blood sugars with the best technology available. We provide access to the newest emerging therapies and solutions. 

We are experts in diabetes equipment and supplies, so you can depend on us to help answer your questions, talk to your medical provider and coordinate your shipment directly to your home within 48 hours or less. Take advantage of our free auto shipment of recurring supplies so you know you will receive your supplies when you need them!

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Dexcom G6 CGM System
Libre 14 Day_edited.jpg
FreeStyle Libre
Libre 2_edited.jpg
Libre 2

Medtronic Guardian™ Connect CGM

Insulin Pumps and Infusion Sets

Omnipod® System
tslim x2 pump.jpg

t:slim X2™ insulin pump

Minimed 770G.png
MiniMed™ 770G
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